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Cultivating the Divine Feminine: Complete Course




Women have always faced a unique set of challenges with the world around them. Rampant sexism, sexual assault and constant harassment, along with misguided morals and value systems taught at a young age has led many women to not recognize their worth and subsequently not feel empowered to manage their physical health. This series of classes aims to help empower women to begin to unravel the many emotional, spiritual, and physical imbalances that women experience. Each class will focus on various aspects of the body and spiritual/emotional aspects of imbalance and provide tools to correct them in a holistic and mindful way. Students will learn how to apply beneficial herbal remedies, breathing techniques, and mindfulness to support and strengthen their individual value, health, and interactions with the community.

Classes with be held on Thursday nights from 6-9pm every three weeks starting on March 15th. Location to be announced approximately 1 week before classes begin. Class space is limited to 20 students and they are expected to fill early so pre-registration is highly encouraged.


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