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At Grey Mountain Herbs we are not only committed to the health of our clients, but also the health of our community, and our planet. We accomplish all three by education. We offer a wide variety of classes both in the community, through our school, and soon via the internet and distance education programs. Topics range from holistic nutrition, herbal energetics, herbal materia medica for all of the major body systems, medicine making, botany, Yin/Yang Theory, Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs, and many more. Check out our Events Page for a current list of offerings.


As part of our ongoing mission to educate and empower our clients and the Community we offer a wide variety of classes at our Provo, Utah location. Classes are taught primarily by Nicholas, but we will occasionally feature guest teachers. A complete list of classes can be obtained by calling 801. 382. 8303, or by e-mailing info@greymountainherbs.com.
Community Education classes are a great opportunity to learn more about holistic health and natural healing. The small class size, offers a unique environment in which to learn and understand the intuitive knowledge of plants on a much more intimate level than that offered by other schools. All of our teachers have devoted years of study to their respective fields, and bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise that they are eager to pass on to their students. Most classes offer a complete sensory experience that equips the student with a deeper ability to retain the knowledge gained during class time. Classes are offered on a wide variety of subjects such as:

Herbs for the Immune System
Herbs for the Digestive System
Herbs for Women’s Health


Throughout the year we offer a few mentorships. Mentorships are offered to those who show a strong desire to learn about herbal medicine and holistic health. Each mentorship is tailored to the specific needs and learning goals of the participants and can vary in length. To get more information or apply email info@greymountainherbs.com