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At Grey Mountain Herbs we believe that nutrition is the foundation of excellent health. When our digestive system is out of balance our body cannot properly break down and assimilate the nutrients in our food; this leads to a wide array of disorders and imbalances. We believe the most effective approach to correcting improper diets is Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating is allowing or bodies to make the correct food choices for itself. Each individual is unique, and has different dietary requirements; therefore we don’t advocate any standard diet. Healthy nutrition is not “One Size Fits All.”

To help individuals find balance and sustainability in their eating habits we offer in depth, customized, nutritional profiles. Using all of the wisdom from both the scientific community and analysis of traditional diets from around the world, we will help you develop a path to optimum health through balanced and intuitive eating.


In-Depth Dietary Analysis

Many people count calories, fat intake, and protein, but a healthy and balanced diet is so much more than just the macronutrients. Vitamins and minerals are essential parts of our diet that often go unnoticed or are completely overlooked and when deficient lead to a number of health disorders. Our Dietary Analysis examines your diet over the course of 1-2 weeks, assessing your dietary intake of over 250 nutrients, and will provide a highly detailed report outlining the current state of your nutrient intake. Also provided are some general recommendations specifically tailored to your personal nutrition goals. Coupled with our Nutrition Plan the Dietary Analysis becomes a powerful tool that not only identifies the gaps in your nutritional intake, but gives you a detailed plan and delicious recipes to achieve your specific nutritional goals.

Customized, Intuitive, Whole Foods Nutrition Plan

Whatever your nutritional goals are; to lose weight, regain lost energy, improve your digestion, or just to improve your overall diet, we can help you develop an Intuitive Nutrition Plan that is both delicious and nutritious. We recognize that there are many fad diets touted in the media and on the Internet, and while many of them may have some benefit, we believe that generally in the long run these restrictive diets are unsustainable and unhealthy. We draw on a holistic, intuitive approach to eating and incorporate not only traditional foods and diets, but also the latest in peer-reviewed nutrition science. This integrative approach allows us to provide you with the maximum possible benefits of thousands of years of healthy eating wisdom. We can accommodate food allergies, vegetarian and vegan diets. Coupled with our Dietary Analysis our Intuitive Nutrition Plan becomes the ultimate whole foods nutrition package to gain immense insight into your dietary needs, develop a detailed path to balanced nutrition and menus and delicious recipes to ensure dietary success!

Menu Planning & Delicious Whole Foods Recipes

Sometimes the hardest part of changing our food habits is knowing where to start. Grocery store shelves are lined with heavily processed foods lacking in vital nutrients, yet at the same time high in added sugars, fats, and sodium to trick our bodies into craving these unhealthy foods. If you look at the ingredient lists of many of these foods you’ll notice that they are full of artificial flavors, colors, food conditioners, and preservatives. While the FDA recognizes that these additives are safe; we believe that food should be pure, and made from wholesome, natural ingredients that our ancestors would recognize. To help you on your journey to intelligent, intuitive eating we provide you with 2 weeks of menus and selected recipes customized to your specific Nutrition Plan.

Choose the Plan that's Right for You!

Diet Analysis$40/eaIn-Depth Dietary Analysis
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Complete Nutritional Plan & Dietary Analysis$65/eaDiet Analysis, Nutrition Plan, Menus & Recipes!
Nutrition Plan$45/eaNutrition Plan with Sample Menus & Recipes